Travel Back in Time in Scotland

[Edinburgh from the castle, Scotland] (LOC)

Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr

The United Kingdom is made up of relatively small countries, but has a ton of history & historical places to visit. There is no way I would be able to list them all, but I thought we could look at some of the high points that a trip to each country would include. Many first time visitors who have the time like to take a tour of England, Scotland and Wales, then on subsequent visits go more in depth in each country. For this blog entry let’s talk about Scotland.

First up are the castles. Spend a week or two in Scotland and take a tour of some amazing fortresses. Probably the most popular one is Edinburg Castle which is full of history. Because of its strategic location the rulers of England and Scotland were often fighting over control of it. One well known occupant was Mary Queen of Scots, who gave birth to her son there. He later became King James I of England. If you happen to visit in August you will be treated to one of its most popular attractions. The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo performs a 90 minute show with fireworks and hundreds of musicians, drummers, singers and dancers. This is considered one of Scotland’s biggest attractions of the year.

Aside from castles, what comes to mind when you think Scotland? Perhaps the Loch Ness Monster? You wouldn’t want to travel to Scotland without stopping by the infamous lake and taking a look for yourself at the place of such controversy.

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

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Scotland is a country where you can be transported back in time and take a walk throughout history.

Next stop: Wales.

Does anyone have any recommendations of historical fiction books set in Scotland? I will admit that I read to almost the last page Mary Queen of Scots by Margret George and just couldn’t take it anymore. She writes about so many subjects that I am interested in and for some reason she just doesn’t click with me. I have also tried Dorothy Dunnett and found that she is not to my taste either. I would love any other suggestions.


Let’s Explore

There are a lot of reasons people travel. Some just want to sit on the beach and do nothing, they need to unwind. Some want adventure and look for new mountains to climb. And some are looking to experience the past and find out how others lived before. I bet you can guess which one this blog is about.

When you go on vacation how do you spend your time? Are you interested in history, books and culture? Have you always wanted to stand in the shadows of the pyramids or explore castles that are hundreds of years old? If you are like me then you answered yes to these questions.

There are so many historical places worth visiting and different ways of getting to them. Together we can explore them. So let’s talk about travel and books, historical fiction is what I like to read. Let’s take a look at cities that are all about today and the future, but have so much of the past to offer. I hope you will join me as I write about these things and probably a few other topics as they come up.