Friday the 13th (Yes I know it’s Thursday)

Knights Templar and Philip IV

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What is the origin of Friday the 13th being unlucky? And why am I bringing it up on Thursday the 13th? I love stumbling upon meanings of things like this and today I got lucky. I was checking for interesting things that happened on this day in history and came across one of the theories about it.

On Oct. 13, 1307 King Philip of France issued arrest warrants for Knights of the Templar Order. He sent out secret orders ahead of time that were supposed to be carried out on the morning of Oct. 13th. This way the Knights were taken completely by surprise and not able to escape. The charges against them were very serious offenses such as heresy.

Apparently King Philip was deeply in debt to the Knights Templar. So to get out of having to repay the loan, he found a way to get rid of it. He also thought that he would be able to confiscate their enormous wealth, but that didn’t work out too well for him.

Although Friday the 13th doesn’t seem to have been considered unlucky before the 19th century I enjoyed finding out about this possible connection. Theorists think it unlikely that Friday the 13th is considered unlucky because of this event, but I think it’s a great coincidence.