Let’s Explore

There are a lot of reasons people travel. Some just want to sit on the beach and do nothing, they need to unwind. Some want adventure and look for new mountains to climb. And some are looking to experience the past and find out how others lived before. I bet you can guess which one this blog is about.

When you go on vacation how do you spend your time? Are you interested in history, books and culture? Have you always wanted to stand in the shadows of the pyramids or explore castles that are hundreds of years old? If you are like me then you answered yes to these questions.

There are so many historical places worth visiting and different ways of getting to them. Together we can explore them. So let’s talk about travel and books, historical fiction is what I like to read. Let’s take a look at cities that are all about today and the future, but have so much of the past to offer. I hope you will join me as I write about these things and probably a few other topicsĀ as they come up.